Mechanical metallurgy, by George Ellwood Dieter

Mechanical_metallurgyYear: 1961
Author: Dieter, George Ellwood

Subject: Strength of materials; Physical metallurgy; Metal-work
Publisher: New York, McGraw-Hill
Language: English
Call number: 00569205
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Mechanical metallurgy is the area of knowledge which deals with the behavior and response of metals to applied forces. Since it is not a precisely defined area, it will mean different things to different persons. To some it will mean mechanical properties of metals or mechanical testing, others may consider the field restricted to the plastic working and shaping of metals, while still others confine their interests to the more theoretical aspects of the field, which merge with metal physics and physical metallurgy.

Still another group may consider that mechanical metallurgy is closely allied with applied mathematics and applied mechanics. In writing this book an attempt has been made to cover, in some measure, this great diversity of interests. The objective has been to include the entire scope of mechanical metallurgy in one fairly comprehensive volume.

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