Medical equipment donated to Emergency County Hospital Mehedinti, Romania

In late February 2011 resulted the first action of Turnu Severin Continental Rotary Club, by a donation to the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of the Emergency County Hospital Mehedinti, Romania, consisting of a defibrillator and vital functions montitor totaling 41,503.54 RON ($12,140), which lacked of hospital equipment and are extremely important for resuscitation and monitoring vital functions of the patients.

Rotary Club Turnu Severin Continental became this way the first NGO in our city who tooks the initiative, starting from the priority needs of this important sections of the County Hospital, to donate new equipment and the latest technology.

The department, with a capacity of 35 beds, was equipped with one old defibrillator that was unusable, having no operating approval. In these circumstances, the donation is of major importance. Medical services offered to the patients by this technology is significantly improved.

Money to purchase the defibrillator and monitor for vital functions have been raised by Rotary Club after Charity Ball held in December 2010 at Continental Hotel Drobeta Turnu Severin. Major donors at this event were club members, and important representatives of the private and public local community who understand the importance of this charity and wanted to help.

On this action, President of Rotary Club Turnu Severin Continental – Mr. Eduard Koler – says: “Rotarians worldwide are intended to cultivate the ideal to serve, and in this spirit our club serves, by this donation, to improve the quality of medical services provided to the local community by the largest hospital in the city and county.

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